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Suzanna Sifter: “Lullabye”

Your Inspirational Song of the Week

January 14 - January 20, 2020



New Beginnings

Performed by Suzanna Sifter
Music from a Hungarian Folk Song

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Lullabye is a beautifully understated piece based on a Hungarian folk song. It opens with a simple statement of the melody on violin and gradually builds up with the addition of piano and flute, culminating in an energetic and tasteful jazz improvisation on the piano. This song is from Watchfire’s compilation album New Beginnings, a collection of some of the best of our WFM piano instrumentalists. Meditational, prayerful and soothing, yet inwardly energetic is the approach to this compilation CD. This song can also be found on Suzanna’s album The Illumination, a fresh and mature offering whose acoustic sound sets the stage for avant-garde ideas and whose standards and originals feature meaningful and innovative arrangements.

About the Artist

Suzanna Sifter‘s passion for music is only rivaled by her feeling of necessity to fill the world with some form of goodness. In her life this takes the form of jazz piano composition and performance. Currently, Suzanna is also full Professor at the Berklee College of Music, and is an internationally acclaimed jazz pianist and educator. She performed at the Heineken Jazz Festival in Puerto Rico, traveled to Italy for the Umbria Jazz Clinics, to Athens, Brazil, Ecuador, and Japan to give master classes and perform concerts.

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"Fluid, lyrical, sophisticated & satiable, Suzanna Sifter's 'The Illumination' is a delicious CD of impeccable musicianship. Indulge & enjoy." —Lauren Passarelli (President, Feather Records), Boston, MA

"'The Illumination' by Suzanna Sifter is a wonderful recording which amply displays Suzanna's gifts as an improviser and leader." —Lawrence J. Simpson, Boston, MA

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