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Julia Wade: “The 23rd Psalm”

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March 17 - March 23, 2020

The 23rd Psalm


Every Day

Performed by Julia Wade
Music by Peter Link
Lyrics from Psalm 23
Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link

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As the world panics, with the threat of sickness seemingly everywhere, what better way to combat the negative thoughts and feelings of the masses than with a familiar, time-tested prayer? Julia Wade leads us to still waters with her peaceful, pure rendition of The 23rd Psalm. Peter Link’s gentle orchestration, prominently featuring harp, captures the comforting nature of these words perfectly. And as we practice social distancing by dwelling in our houses, let us not forget that we also “dwell in the house of the Lord forever”! This song is from Julia’s album Every Day, an 8 song CD that “…refers to the things I think about every day: the challenges, the prayers, and the victories – in my life, my community and my world. The songs explore not only the fears and limitations that confront us, but also the solutions that are available to us when we become still enough to hear them,” says Julia. Every Day includes but goes beyond sacred music in its reach, handling and embracing social and world issues as well.

About the Artist

Spanning diverse musical styles, Julia Wade has performed nationally and internationally as a concert artist, as well as in opera, cabaret and musical theatre, including The Rome Opera and Carnegie Hall.

As a recording artist, Julia is truly at home in the studio with no less than 14 solo CDs under her belt . The 14th is her new Christmas CD, “Julia Wade and Friends,” including classics each done in a new and original way – solos, trios and quartets. And it has what we like to call both Jesus songs and Santa songs, all reflecting the joys and inspiration of the Christmas season.

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"How often does one spend an evening of being beautifully entertained all the while your soul is being nourished!" –Ingrid Michaels, NYC, NY

"Right to the heart. Just masterful musicianship. Refined. Pure. Magical." –Julie Gold, Songwriter of From A Distance

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13 thoughts on “Julia Wade: “The 23rd Psalm”

  1. How lovely, Julia! Thank you for sharing your inspiration and beautiful voice in this beautiful setting of a favorite Psalm.

    Karen (Wight)

    1. Thanks for writing in, Karen. I’ll make sure Julia sees this.

    2. Thank you for taking the time to listen and comment, Karen! This is a favorite Psalm of mine too, and I truly love this special setting by Peter. Looking forward to the next time I get to collaborate with you! Love right back!

  2. I love this …oh so inspired… healing performance . Superb musicianship and vocal artistry.

    1. Thank you for writing in, Diane. And thanks for making our spirits glow!

    2. Diane, thank you so much for listening — and feeling the healing sense of the recording. That, above all is what we strive and hope for! Thank you!

  3. Thank you! So very beautiful…

    1. Thank you for listening and writing in, Lisa! We are grateful!

  4. So fresh and pure. I love the harp- like accompaniment, shades of David! A lively composition so sincerely rendered.

    1. I love this composition, too, Lorna! This is Peter as his best, in my book, when it comes to bringing beautiful new light to a text that we love and know so well. For me, this composition tells a beautiful and dramatic story of the 23rd Psalm!

  5. This is so beautiful. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you, Alan. It’s always special to work with a great lyricist! :o)

  6. Thank you for listening, Alan. This setting of Psalm 23 by Peter Link is such a compelling and dramatic piece of storytelling, musically and lyrically speaking. It brought to light a richer and greater understanding of this journey that so many find themselves going through — literally going through the valley of the shadow of death. I love that we go through it and we don’t stay there! This song really captures that essence for me, and it was such a creative journey to discover this and record it!

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