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Mindy Jostyn: “I Will Lift Up My Eyes”

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March 24 - March 30, 2020

I Will Lift Up My Eyes


In His Eyes

Performed by Mindy Jostyn
Music by Mindy Jostyn
Words adapted by Mindy Jostyn & Jacob Brackman from Psalm 121

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As many around the world continue to physically distance themselves from each other in a noble effort to protect us all, our thoughts this week turn toward God, the greatest protector of all, extolled in Mindy Jostyn’s I Will Lift Up My Eyes, with words adapted from Psalm 121. This minimalist-pop paean—with a simple piano chord motif and one sparse cymbal underlying Mindy’s pure, heartfelt voice—highlights the message of the lyrics, with further emphasis added through the use of subtle yet intriguing vocal harmonies. So cozy up with your loved ones, pets, or a nice warm mug of tea, and let Mindy envelop you in love and safety. This song is from Mindy’s beloved album In His Eyes, a wonderful collection of 16 non-denominational folk hymns. Produced by Mindy and Matt Balitsaris, it’s flavored with musical influences from around the world and features Mindy’s expressive vocals and her command of violin, accordion, keyboard, guitar and harmonica.

About the Artist

For nearly ten years, Mindy Jostyn toured throughout the eastern United States wowing audiences with her soulful voice, distinctive melodies, witty and insightful lyrics, and her command of a host of different instruments including guitar, violin, harmonica, accordion, and piano.

Not only did Mindy Jostyn wow audiences with her soulful voice, distinctive melodies, witty and insightful lyrics, but she brought a unique voice to inspirational and sacred music in the form of gentle folk hymns and truly original songs that speak directly to the hungry heart.

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"Mindy found an immediate place in my heart when I was looking through a friend's music collection...Her tenderness, humility, thoughtful insight and meaningful lyrics are so rare!" —Tim Thorndike

"Mindy had a gift...she was a tremendous talent... and she gave that gift every time she played. She now plays along side legends...I am sure of that!" —John Schrader

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4 thoughts on “Mindy Jostyn: “I Will Lift Up My Eyes”

  1. This song is amazingly beautiful!!!!

    1. Most enthusiastically agreed, Jenny! How we miss this lady. But her music, and so, she, remains with us!

  2. It’s nice to hear Mindy’s gentle, expressive voice again ! She and I performed in a Trio during college in St. Louis .

    1. HOW BLESSED YOU WERE, Bill! Mindy is the real deal.

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