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Jenny Burton: “Lift Up Your Eyes”

Your Inspirational Song of the Week

April 1 - April 7, 2020

Lift Up Your Eyes


I Think on These Things

Performed by Jenny Burton
Music by Peter Link
Lyrics from Isaiah adapted by Peter Link
Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link

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Our song this week, Jenny Burton’s Lift Up Your Eyes, delivers its message of encouragement and renewal with the endless energy that Jenny shares with us all. The similarity of this title to last week’s inspirational song’s title, although coincidental, belies the interesting contrast in the different moods of each piece of music. As we all continue to bear the burden of being distant from each other more than usual, Jenny’s voice, along with a backup chorus, helps remind us that we are all part of a community; and for those of us going stir crazy, this upbeat song gives us all a great excuse to get up and dance! And when the world returns to normal, whenever that may be, let us all remember that “Now’s the time to start anew”! This song is from Jenny’s album I Think on These Things, her first solo album in several years. After more than a phenomenal ten year run with The Jenny Burton Experience, she decided it was time to concentrate on her solo career.

About the Artist

Jenny Burton is an amazing Gospel vocalist whose career has spanned several decades. She has sung all over the world both as a solo performer and with The Jenny Burton Experience.

Produced almost exclusively by Peter Link, she has had a long and varied career as both a Dance Music/R&B artist and a Gospel artist. A consummate performer, Ms Burton has thrilled and inspired audiences around the world with her inimitable style of tear down the house energy and commitment.

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"A glorious explosion of sound that embraces everyone in a "Hallelujah" of harmonies ... A roller-coaster ride through R&B, pop and gospel." -Wayman Wong, New York Daily News

"How lucky to come across the beautifully sung Jenny Burton Experience. A superslick, pop-gospely entertainment, the Experience stars the sleek but fiery Burton. The nine-voice choir behind her is so pristine it sounds like it's been remixed and mastered in advance." -Michael Musto, The Village Voice

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