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Lorna Kelly: “Send Out Thy Light and Thy Truth”

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April 22 - April 28, 2020

Send Out Thy Light and Thy Truth


Lift Up Thine Eyes

Performed by Lorna Kelly
Music by M. B. Fairlie
Lyrics from Psalm 43

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With Sunday worship services temporarily moving out of our churches and into our computers, tablets, and phones, let Lorna Kelly bring church music into our devices as well with her performance of the solo Send Out Thy Light and Thy Truth. Lorna sings with strength and beauty, and this recording truly captures the church spirit: astute listeners will know from the timbre that it was recorded in a church, with the warm organ filling the wide space in that ineffable, comforting way that only a church organ can do. This song is from Lorna’s album Lift Up Thine Eyes, a collection of solos sung by Lorna, the resident soloist at the time, in the Christian Science Church, Harare, Zimbabwe. She had performed with organist Margaret Grant so many Sundays that one afternoon she asked a recording technician to come to the church to record these solos live in a one-off session, as it was not possible to transport a twentieth century two manual/pedal board 6 rank pipe organ to a studio! The essence of these evergreen classical Christian Science solos of sound musical structure and healing lyrics is captured by the spiritual interpretation, spontaneity, and inspiration of the moment. Lorna is also one of several excellent artists featured in The Heritage Collection, a showcase of the excellent traditional church music that has proven timeless.

About the Artist

Lorna Kelly grew up in Rhodesia and Northern Rhodesia. She and her two sisters all loved to sing and performed as The Gray Sisters, often being likened to The Andrew Sisters. In time she raised a family of four in Rhodesia and during the transition from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe she was sought after as a soloist in many genres.

Lorna has sung solos in Christian Science Churches in South Africa, Zimbabwe, the Principia Chapel, and other churches in Africa, the USA, and the UK. She was classically trained in the Bel Canto tradition and has five decades of solo singing in a wide variety of styles and languages. She also had a thriving studio for nurturing local talent, many of whom are on the international circuit.

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"...the bell-like clarity of her tone, the agility of her runs, her excellent breath control and the way in which she projected all the music's moods from inner reflectiveness to radiant jubilation was absolutely compelling in the way it delighted the ear and engaged one's complete response." -Rhys Lewis, The Rhodesian Herald (Salisbury)

"I have rarely enjoyed a song recital more than this one. The choice of programme, the fine quality of Ms. Kelly's lovely voice and the perfection of her technique added to her friendly, relaxed personal style, and would be hard to equal anywhere." -Manica Post, Kadoma, Zimbabwe

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5 thoughts on “Lorna Kelly: “Send Out Thy Light and Thy Truth”

  1. Thank you so much, and for the thorough explanation of her life, — all of it is a highlight for today.

    1. Thank you for writing in, Mary Ellen. I hope you enjoy Lorna’s music. She’s the real deal!

  2. So wonderful to hear the sacred songs Lorna has chosen for this album. I am going through each one and enjoying each one. I have followed her musical career in Zimbabwe. So many singers have benefited from her tuition and we are so sorry to lose her to the UK but at least we are all sharing “Send out Thy light and Thy Truth”. !

    1. Yes, Chrystal, Lorna is one special lady — both a gifted vocalist and human being. We’re so happy to have found this treasure of music to share across the world.

    2. Thank you Chrystal! Your words (and support) mean a lot.

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