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New Artist Welcome | Lorna Kelly

Watchfire Music Welcomes

New Inspirational Artist

Lorna Kelly

and introducing the
New Inspirational Genre

The Heritage Collection

“Lorna Kelly is a wonderful career-long singer with a sophisticated and elegant vocal craft. She communicates healing truths so directly to the listener that one can’t help but be lifted up and inspired. We are so privileged to introduce Lorna’s healing artistry through Watchfire Music.” ~Julia Wade

About Lorna

Lorna Kelly was the resident Soloist at the First Church of Christ Scientist, Salisbury (Rhodesia). She sang there from 1972 and continued after Independence in 1980 when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe and Salisbury became Harare, until she left Zimbabwe for the UK in 2016.

In 1997 Lorna asked a recording technician to come to the church to record these solos live in a one-off session as it was not possible to transport a twentieth century two manual/pedal board 6 rank pipe organ to a studio! This masterful album of songs is the result.

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