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Josh Henn — A New Beginning

Watchfire Music Artist
Josh Henn

takes on the position of
Soloist of The Mother Church,
The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston

Congratulations, Josh!

3 thoughts on “Josh Henn — A New Beginning

  1. Welcome to TMC. Beautiful voice!!!!
    After our local (Ohio) Service, I always listen to the music from TMC.

    1. Hello Lee! We are all so happy and excited for Josh. What a perfect and harmonious fit for both Josh and TMC! Thanks for writing in and following the doings of our WFM artists. I will always be grateful for the kind support you lent me back in my TMC days. We are grateful for you!!

    2. Hello Lee! Thanks for your comment! We too celebrate Josh’s new post at TMC! Warm wishes to you!

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