Works in Progress – Iphigenia


A Cautionary Tale

by Peter Link

A Musical

Based on the Works of Euripides

Iphigenia – A Cautionary Tale is a 21st Century musical approach to the time-honored Euripidean Classic, Iphigenia In Aulis.

“The Wedding Of Iphigenia and Iphigenia In Concert first opened in 1971 at NYC’s Public Theater and was produced by Joseph Papp.  It also opened in London that same summer at the Young Vic.  Both productions were most successful and garnered positive reviews.  It ran at the Public Theater for nearly a year and was so successful that Joe Papp decided to move it to Broadway.  He closed the show at the Public and then hired a series of book writers to “improve” the book of the show.  Frustrated by each writer’s inability to give him what he wanted, he postponed the Broadway opening and never got back to it.

It is a work that composer, Peter Link, has always deeply believed in.  Now older and wiser, he reworked the musical’s book along with director, AJ Antoon and is now in the studio upgrading the music.

Iphigenia is a spectacular tragedy.  As all classic stories, it speaks to today in most fascinating and timeless terms.

The central role of Iphigenia is played by twelve women – each reflecting a different aspect of the character.  Additional leading roles are King Agamemnon and Queen Clytemnestra as well as The Messenger, who plays the role of the Greek Chorus.  This bold switch of classic fundamentals is what made the original work at the Public Theater such an audience and critical favorite.


Composer’s Note

Iphigenia was first done at the Public Theater in the 1970s in NYC as a rock opera.  It is now being presented as a musical and the music and orchestrations are in the process of being upgraded with today’s technology and a more 21st century stylistic approach.

Below is a running order of the songs from the show.  So that one may get a taste of the music, we have included some of the recordings made in the 70s in an ABC Records Cast Album plus several “home demos” made by Peter Link.  The Titles In Blue are these recordings. The Titles in Red are 2020 updates and additions with 21st century orchestrations and production. The songs with Titles In Black are written, but as yet, have not been recorded.  You will note many lyric differences between the script and the recordings.  The script changes always reflect up-to-date and correct lyrics.

Order Of Songs

The Overture -- Orchestra

Ride On To Highest Destiny -- Company


She Will Dance To The Setting Sun -- Messenger (2020 update)


There Is No Wind Today -- Agamemnon, Messenger, Artemis (2020 update)


She Dreams Of The Days To Come -- Messenger (2020 update)


I Dream -- Iphigenias

The Women In Me -- Iphigenias

Morning Melody – Wind Song -- Iphigenias

What Has Your Tongue To Tell -- Iphigenias

There’s Gonna Be A Wedding Day -- Clytemnestra


Who Is The Lucky Man -- Iphigenias

Lady A Ship Is Here -- Messenger

Gate Tender -- Iphigenias & Clytemnestra


On A Ship With 50 Oars -- Iphigenias


Life Rolls On -- Iphigenia (1) (2020 update)


She Shines Like The Morning Sun -- Messenger (2020 update)


The Line Is Unbroken -- Iphigenias


Disembarkation -- Tympani & Orchestra

You Were First To Call Me Father -- Agamemnon (2020 update)


Lead Me On -- Iphigenias


Oh What Bridal Song -- Iphigenias

How Can I Tell My Joy -- Iphigenias

Only Stone -- Agamemnon & Clytemnestra (2020 update)


She Will Die In The Evening Sun -- Messenger (2020 update)



And Now The Sun Is Flying -- Messenger


She Doesn't Know -- Messenger (2020 update)


Unhappiness Remembering Happiness -- Iphigenias


Entrance Of Clytemnestra -- Orchestra

What Has Your Tongue To Tell -- Iphigenias

And You Iphigenia -- Clytemnestra

They Sing My Marriage Song At Home -- Iphigenias

Agamemnon’s Entrance Orchestra

I Was First To Call You Father -- Iphigenia (1) (2020 update)


Your Turn Has Come -- Agamemnon (2020 update)


Do You Dare -- Messenger (2020 update)


The Debate -- Iphigenias

To Me -- Iphigenias

It’s My Time -- Iphigenias (1)


Finale -- Company

Crown Us With Truth -- Full Company

Original Cast

at The Public Theater, NYC



Nell Carter

Margaret Dorn

Bonnie Guidry

Trish Hawkins

Marta Heflin

Andrea Marcovicci

Julianne Marshall

Linda Lawley

Patti Lupone

Pamela Pentony

Marion Ramsey

Sharon Redd


Madge Sinclaire


Manu Topou

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