About ‘Is Anybody Listening?’ Concert and Webcast

What is it?

Watchfire Music, together with the Sheen Center, is excited to bring you a uniquely innovative and inspiring pop/gospel multimedia experience:

The show was designed as a live concert piece that was also filmed for use in shorter webcast segments.


The first iteration of Is Anybody Listening? was driven largely by Gospel, Pop and R&B songs.


Is Anybody Listening? is designed to be inspirational and to bring awareness to many of the world’s important social issues.

Our purpose: To create awareness. To raise consciousness.

Project Overview

Just imagine a musical experience designed to lift people’s thought to a higher sense of awareness and healing countering the downward pull of negative energies we all encounter in the world today. Is Anybody Listening? is a clarion call to the world to pay attention. Once we’ve got your attention, we’ll take an in depth and inspiring look at how these issues can be healed spiritually.

This project is both Julia’s and my foremost passion and goal in life and we are committed to this because inspiration is not only our business, but also our absolute consecration to inspire mankind to live in a higher consciousness. And so Watchfire Music, a leading online Inspirational Music company, together with the Sheen Center for Thought and Culture in New York City is now producing this new inspirational project called, Is Anybody Listening? – Concert and Webcast.

The production is designed as a live concert piece that was premiered and filmed for use in shorter webcast segments and repurposed for a wide variety of events. It premiered, Live from New York, in the fall of 2016. And now we move into the second phase of our journey – The Webcast. In the Spring, Summer and Early Fall of 2017 we are webcasting the concert – live hosted culminating with audience talkbacks – around the world to individuals, benefits, organizations, churches, schools and all interested parties.

Driven largely by Gospel, Pop and R&B songs, Is Anybody Listening? is designed to bring awareness and raise consciousness regarding many of the world’s important social issues of the scarcity of water, the dignity of women, racism, aging, immigration, hunger and poverty, the polarization of America, depression, etc. Our clients and focus audience include Corporations, Fund Raising Benefits, Theatrical Presentations, Nonprofit Charitable Organizations and Church Groups.

The production includes the award-winning performances of Jenny Burton, Watchfire Music’s best-selling artist, Julia Wade and the music of million selling record producer and composer, Peter Link.

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