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Once you’ve listened to the CD, read all the materials and have spoken to Peter Link, if you still wish to view the entire Webcast, you will be given a password to view.  In the meantime, while you’re still exploring, here’s a 12-minute video that will tease your tastebuds!

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APRIL 15, 2017

Our Premier Webcast is streaming to audience groups in San Rafael, CA and McAllen, TX!
Start Time: 4 pm PDT/ 6pm CDT/ 7 pm EDT

APRIL 23, 2017

This 2nd IAL Webcast is streaming to our Is Anybody Listening? Donors all around the country!
Start Time: 4 pm PDT/ 5pm MDT/6pm CDT/ 7 pm EDT

MAY 21, 2017

We’re doing a special Re-Cast of the April 23rd Webcast for Donors all around the country who missed it the first time. See you there!
Start Time: 4 pm PDT/ 5pm MDT/6pm CDT/ 7 pm EDT

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The Big Picture

The concept behind “Is Anybody Listening?” goes far beyond a concert and webcast.

***We like to think of the project as a 21st Century Inspirational Music Video Library. This Video Library’s various performances address the world’s problems we all face today. Most of the hundreds of songs are already fully recorded and orchestrated. They will now be repurposed in multifarious ways from project to project and from client to client fulfilling the inspirational and healing needs of Churches and church related organizations, Corporations, Charity Organizations and Individuals seeking inspiration.

Consider the potential of the following:

A full 2 hour concert webcast to the world dealing with the Global Water Crisis supporting Matt Damon’s, or sponsored by PepsiCo’s Aquafina.
Individualized webcasts straight into your church auditoriums on your choice of spiritual topic live hosted by a cast member.
A Benefit Concert and Webcast reaching the world supporting organizations like WOAR, Stop Rape Now, or Women Against Violence Against Women.
A Fund Raising Benefit supporting disaster relief like an earthquake, flood or hurricane, or even a campus shooting incident — raising immediate monies for the victims.
An inspiring evening of song and higher thought for nursing homes, assisted living and hospice care organizations on Aging or Life, Death and Beyond.
For even more examples, click here.
And all one needs on the receiving end is a flat screen, two good speakers and a laptop.

All of these concerts will help create international awareness of the problems and strong spiritual healing solutions.

Because of our library of inspirational material and the now-come-of-age power of concert webcasting, the costs of these events would be far less than present day costs eliminating venues, travel and lodging, staging and performance costs.

In the entertainment world, multi-dimensional concepts like these need to be seen on their feet to attract the necessary investment. Consequently, Watchfire Music together with the Sheen Center and La Vie Productions has presented a premiere concert of the grand idea during the Fall of 2016 in four performances live from NYC and to be webcast in 2017. You are invited to join us, and attend and experience first hand the power of music to create awareness and raise human consciousness.

Now Just Imagine…

The goal is to produce a library of content for video songs covering different world issue. These video songs will be used in countless ways. Imagine songs on the Scarcity of Water at an event in Flint, MI or an evening of inspirational music that touches on the Struggles with Aging in a retirement community.

Support Your
Favorite Charity

Or, as another example, perhaps a charity organization was involved in a fundraising evening that would want to expose a group of citizens to a spiritual solution to Racism, Gun Control or Women’s Rights. They could enjoy music and performances that focus on these issues right in their meeting place –
live from New York.

Bring Awareness
to a World Issue

Or perhaps a benefit for your favorite church group, or an awareness teaching tool for your schools, or an inspirational response and fundraising support for a world tragedy, or a new and different way of approaching a teamwork issue in your company.

Reach the World!

Yet another example might be a benefit for an organization where Is Anybody Listening? would produce the entire evening live and on video from New York and reach the entire world-wide audience of that particular organization instead of just their local audience. Even the leaders of said organization could speak to their constituency joining the webcast on camera from their own cities.

Want to Get Involved? Contact Us!