Is Anybody Listening? – The Webcast

Our premiere concert stars Jenny Burton and Julia Wade and the music of Peter Link with a wonderful ensemble of featured performers. We can bring you our live web-hosted concerts, drawing from our multimedia catalogue, and customizable content for large and small groups. For an inspiring evening with friends and associates or a powerful benefit fund raiser for your organization reaching around the world.

“There is a perfect storm going on over at the Sheen Center, and you are going to want to be totally immersed in the experience. It’s a bone-chilling soul-searching arousal of humanity and its ability to survive and thrive. EVERYBODY should be listening – go, go, go! ~Laurie Lawson, Electronic Link Journey

First: From The Beginning – The Opening Number

Facing The Issues: Jenny Burton & Cast The Times They Are A-Changin’

Try This One: Jenny Burton & Tear Down The House

The Summary: The Full Cast From The Book Of Revelation

Learn More: Hear Julia Wade & A Still Small Voice

More: Audience Comments about the Experience of the Live Show

Are you interested in an “Is Anybody Listening?” Webcast event …

The project was developed in house at the Sheen Center, NYC and Link Recording Studios and is producing a library of interchangeable video songs.

These will address a number of issues and can be re-purposed at will to fit the needs of organizations around the world.  They would be presented through live performance, webcasts and video streaming to the following audience.

Individuals seeking inspiration
Fundraising Benefits
Theatrical Presentations
Non-Profit Charitable Organizations
Church Groups
Your Special Group

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