Arizona Morning

Arizona Morning Music by Peter Link Lyrics by Larry Rosler Oh the desert sun is shining On an Arizona morning Setting all the world on fire Turning canyons into gold And I’ve never seen it bigger And I’ve never seen it brighter And it’s never been so clear to me My luck is turning cold […]

Heaven Here and Now (Elizabeth Ragsdale)

Heaven Here and Now Music and Words by Elizabeth Ragsdale Chorus Choose heaven here and now. It’s not over there. Choose heaven here and now. Not another time. Seek the Lord in prayer. He’ll show you how to find, Not there but here, not then but now, heaven here and now. Verse 1 You don’t […]

Give Me a Heart Like Thine (Elizabeth Ragsdale)

Give Me a Heart Like Thine Music by Elizabeth Ragsdale Words by Joshua Gill Verse 1 Help me to live like thee. Help me to live like thee. By thy love and thy pow’r, By thy grace every hour, Help me to live like thee. Verse 2 Help me to speak like thee. Help me […]

O’er Waiting Harpstrings (Jennifer Nubel)

O’er Waiting Harpstrings Music by Gabriel Fauré, adapted by Jennifer Nubel Words by Mary Baker Eddy O’er waiting harpstrings of the mind There sweeps a strain, Low, sad, and sweet, whose measures bind The power of pain, And wake a white-winged angel throng Of thoughts, illumed By faith, and breathed in raptured song, With love […]

The Lord Is My Light (Lea Schmidt-Rogers)

The Lord Is My Light Music by Lea Schmidt-Rogers Words by James Nicholson The Lord is my light; He is my joy and my song. By day and by night he leads, He leads me along. The Lord is my light; tho clouds may arise, Faith, stronger than sight, looks up thru the skies Where […]

Sail, Baby, Sail

Sail, Baby, Sail Words and Music: Traditional Baby’s boat a silver moon Sailing o’er the sea Sailing o’er the sea of seas Sailing home to me Sail, Baby, Sail Out across the sea Only don’t forget to sail Back again to me

Don’t You Worry

Don’t You Worry Words and Music by Mary Kelly Whose gonna sing your song After the lights have gone down And everybody’s gotta get on home Whose gonna lay you down After a night of plenty To rest your weary feet Don’t you worry, The sun will rise, but first let’s sleep Whose gonna light […]

Waiting for You

Waiting for You Words by Lisa Redfern Music: Traditional You’re the child I’ll raise as mine I’ve loved you from the start I’ve been waiting here for you And holding you in my heart I can almost see your eyes Can almost hear your voice Someone loves you very much But has to make a […]

Hush Little Baby (Lisa Redfern)

Hush Little Baby Words: Traditional Music by Lisa Redfern Hush little Baby don’t say a word Mama’s gonna buy you a mockingbird And if that mockingbird don’t sing Mama’s gonna buy you a diamond ring And if that diamond ring turns to glass Mama’s gonna buy you a looking glass And if that looking glass […]

Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why Words and Music: Traditional Tell Me Why the stars do shine Tell me why the ivy twines Tell me why the skies are blue And I will tell you just why I love you Because God made the stars to shine Because God made the ivy twine Because God made the skies […]