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A is for the Angels

A is for the Angels
Text by K. Stephenson (adapted by A. Brahinsky)
Music by K. Stephenson

A is for the angels watching over that night –
B is the beautiful star shining bright.
C is for the cattle that warmed the sweet hay,
and D is for death, which one child came to slay.

One is our God who loves all mankind.
Two are the parents who listened to Mind.
Three are the Wise Men warned by angels away,
Forewarned of the children King Herod would slay.

As Mary held each of these memories dear,
Did she whisper her blessings in her baby boy’s ear?
Did she count them and number them each one by one
As she traveled with husband and brand new-born son?

Four are directions: North, South, East, and West.
All peoples and nations by the Christ-light are blessed.
The Science of Christ is now spreading the light
Of healing, revealing a world more bright.