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Text: Poem by Peter J. Henniker-Heaton
Music by Adrienne Tindall

We cannot turn away from God,
Because whichever way we face,
Spirit is there. In every place,
Every direction, everywhere,
Spirit is there.

Whether we turn to left or right,
To north or south or east or west,
We meet with Love, and we are blessed.
Upward or down, below, above,
we meet with Love.

Whether we plunge to ocean trench,
or plot our course for farthest space,
Love’s law controls. Whatever race we enter,
Toward whatever goals,
Love’s law controls.

Whether we build for centuries hence,
Or let tomorrow bound our aim,
God sets the pace. Always the same,
With instant and eternal grace,
God sets the pace!

Poem © 1972 Christian Science Publishing Society. All rights reserved. Used
with permission.
Music © 1986 Adrienne Tindall. All rights reserved.