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Text and music by April Brahinsky

Adam, a dam, a stoppage of the flow,
A buildup of debris, a stagnant undertow.
Adam, a dream of limits and restrictions,
Of sickness, sin, and death – mortality’s inflictions.

Awake! and feel the flow, unfettered, unconfined,
Of Spirit’s pure ideas pouring forth from Mind.
Awake! and hear the song of angel-thoughts reminding us
That Soul is ever peaceful, all-harmonious.
Awake! and taste the sweetness, smell the fragrance, see the beauty
Of the loveliness of Life and the glory of eternity.

Adam is deflection, a scene of imperfection.
We are divine reflection, a spiritual confection.

We are the fragrance, the beauty and the song,
We are the sweetness of reality,
We are the pouring forth of tenderness,
We are the joy of immortality.
We are the light, the shining forth of Soul,
Undimmed, unfettered, flowing free, forever whole.

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