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Text and music by April Brahinsky

Mind is not scattered; Mind is focused, unafraid.
Soul is not shattered; Soul is vibrant, whole, intact.
Spirit is not fettered; Spirit is boundless, free:
It does not live in time or space or walls that can contract.

Truth is not distorted; Truth is ever clear, direct.
Life cannot be aborted; Life unfolds eternally.
Principle is never thwarted; Principle’s laws are not obscured:
They forever maintain harmony shown as blessings poured forth tenderly.

Love is never absent; Love is present everywhere.
Love is buoyant, constant, always patient, full of cheer.
God is never distant; God’s grace and light are always here.
God’s gentleness embraces all in warmth that dissolves all pain and fear.

Our being is God being us. We’re made of all the qualities
Of Soul and Mind and Life and Love, Spirit, Truth, and Principle.
We show forth the health and balance, love, joy, and spiritual strength
Revealed to us by Christ Jesus, our Way-shower and holy example.

Copyright 2013