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Every Day A New Amen


Lyrics by Steve Schalchlin
Music & Lyrics by Steve Schalchlin & Mark Janas

The Catholic girl said, “Let’s do karaoke”
She’d found me one night in a bar
She said she loved singing at school with the nuns but
The one thing she hated by far

Was having to learn, every day, an “Amen”
‘Cause that musty old word was a bore
Through versions and versions of new variations
They’d turned a prayer into a chore

Every day, a new amen
Every day, a new amen
Yes, with each new blessed day
Came a new amen

That night, over coffee, she said life had changed her
That difficult times made her strong
Those silly amens came like rescuing angels and
Dark times did not seem so long

The music reminds her to always be thankful
‘Cause nobody really knows when
The bad will turn good, so you just have to give
Every moment in life an Amen

Every day, a new Amen
Every day, a new Amen
Yes, with each new blessed day
Sing a new amen

I told her I happened, that night, to be hurtin’ from
Some little tawdry affair
If I hadn’t been lonely and lookin’ for trouble
I’d not have run into her there

The smile that came over her face made me happy
The first time since I don’t know when
And then I was laughing as she leaned in closer
And sang me a little Amen (Amen)

Every day (Amen), a new Amen (Amen)
Every day (Amen), a new Amen (Amen)
Yes, she moved me
There and then
To sing a new Amen

What seems weak
Will now grow strong
What seems wrong
Will turn out right
The darkest night
Will vanish when
You sing a new amen


c2011 by See No Evil Music / Lil Shack O Tunes ASCAP & Mark Janas Music BMI