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Forgive (Sara Renner)

Words and Music by Nate Sabin, Sara Renner, and Rick Barron

A part of you, a part of me
Is frozen in a tragedy
So many words left unsaid
Are still here ringin’ in your head
Let all the demons, that led you here disappear
If you wanna live

We walk this world with wounded hearts
Define our faces by our scars
Til pain begins to taste like freedom
And bitterness is who we are
Before the ones who love you here disappear
If you wanna live

Let this pain pour out like water thru a sieve
Heal this endless ache and be set free
Sweep the wreckage to the safe side of the street
For you, for me

Do you wanna be free
Do you wanna believe
Do you wanna breathe again, live again, love again
Do you wanna be strong
Get up on your feet and walk
Do you wanna rise above the comfort of this curse
If you wanna live