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Keep Up Your Chin

Keep Up Your Chin
Music and Lyrics by Mel Atkey

Why  if you were to see a clown
In his floppy Pagliaccio shoes
Take a tumble stumbling down
In his bold endeavour  to amuse 
You’d worry he might break or  bruise
But something in your ardent frown
must understand he’s just a clown
For no-one of  a topsy-turvy air
Is genuine and true
And no-one in this fizzy-headed world
Is quite as grave as you
But still, your face is long
And now I need you to be strong
Keep up your chin
You’re marching bravely now
And know “farewell” is just what comes before “hello”
You mustn’t cry
You’re daddy’s soldier girl
And you’ll be safely in my arms before you know
For wherever chance may find us
There’s another power to bind us
And whatever force is tearing me away
Though its danger maybe looming
It and its fire all consuming
It’s not as strong
As what makes me long to stay
Show me your face
Your eyes are smiling so
And i will memorize and hold them in my heart
When I’m alone
I will remember you
And I’ll be smiling even though we’re still apart
Though at times i may be friendless
There’s a bond that will be endless
And a steadiness that calms the raging sea
For the lesson that I’m learning
And the love for which I’m yearning
Will come to pass when you’ve returned to me
So let the rockets fly and rubble fall like snow
And let them do their worst to suffocate this glow
And let their awful fires burn
I swear to you i will return
I know

© 2003 Friendlysong Music