December Child

December Child Music by Bob Moline Lyrics by Joyce Taylor December Child born on a cold cold mornin’, All stars had gone except for the one bright light. The world was sleepin’ when you arrived in all your meekness. December child you came to help us get our mind right. December Child you showed me […]

Devil Get Behind Me

Devil Got Behind Me Music and Lyrics by Bob Moline All of my live I’ve tried to be a good man, Workin’ and prayin’ my part of the plan. Ev’ry time I start to get ahead with the Lord, You come knockin’ on my front door. Chorus: Devil get behind me, Don’t you trouble me […]


Hallelujah Music by Bob Moline Lyrics by Richard Allen Hallelujah, I’ve been born again, Ridin’ that road to happiness. Tell ya brother since I found my friend, Wave goodbye to emptiness. He is always with me to help along the way. Since I heard that angel voice I listen and obey. Human friendships may be […]

His Presence

His Presence Music by Bob Moline Lyrics by Richard Allen When darkness tries to hid my day and clouds of doubt start to head my way, I ask myself what can I fear? With His Presence ever here. When pain or sorrow tried to speak to silence angels that I seek, I cast away the […]

Hymn For Children

Hymn for Children Music by Bob Moline Lyrics by Ted Prigge God is Life and this I see means an endless life for me. God is Soul so I must be pure and sinless constantly. God is Principle and pow’r. Good is present ev’ry hour. God is Mind to me He’ll show ev’ry thing I […]

Love Is The Way

Love is the Way Music by Bob Moline Lyrics by Richard Allen LOVE IS THE WAY If we walk in it ev’ry minute of the day When I see others let me see that one real person I want to be. LOVE IS THE WAY Once we know it we must show it in ev’ry […]

Man’s Gotta Keep Reachin’

Man’s Gotta Keep Reachin’ Music and Lyrics by Bob Moline Some things in life come so easy; Other things you want they’re still a dream. But man has got no team for cryin’ — He just laughs and keeps on tryin’. So many good things fallin’ at your feet But the thing you really need […]

Perfect Love

Perfect Love Music by Bob Moline Lyrics by Richard Allen Perfect love casteth out fear and reveal His presence here. Calm and silent we are assured the working of His Holy Word. Perfect love casteth out pain, Gives to us the truth in grain. Ever present love shows the way, Meets our needs each day […]

A Hole In My Life

A Hole in my Life Music and lyrics by Peter Link I heard his voice There on the wind Thousands had gathered to hear Ah but his words were so soft As I watched from afar That the truths that he spoke were Unclear When the sun descended And his words were ended And the […]