How Deep in the Valley

How Deep in the Valley Music and Words by Sarah Harmer How deep in the valley must you go To find what your footsteps already know The way on is the way out There are signs to follow There is deep in the valley And I’m bound to go How deep in the valley must […]

This Is the Day (Richard Rodgers)

This Is the Day Music by Richard Rodgers Words by Laura Lee Randall This is the day the Lord hath made Be glad, give thanks, rejoice Stand in His presence unafraid In praise lift up your voice All perfect gifts are from above And all our blessings show The amplitude of God’s dear love Which […]

A Living Prayer

A Living Prayer Music and Lyrics by Ron Block In this world I walk alone With no place to call my home There is one who holds my hand On the rugged road through barren lands The way is dark, the road is steep But he’s become my eyes to see The strength to climb, […]

O Dreamer (Londonderry Air)

O Dreamer Music: Traditional Irish Melody Lyrics by Rosa M. Turner O dreamer, leave thy dreams for joyful waking, O captive, rise and sing, for thou art free; The Christ is here, all dreams of error breaking, Unloosing bonds of all captivity. He comes to bless thee on his wings of healing; To banish pain, […]

Feed My Sheep (Lyman Brackett)

Feed My Sheep Music by Lyman Brackett Words by Mary Baker Eddy Shepherd, show me how to go, o’er the hillside steep, How to gather, how to sow, how to feed Thy sheep; I will listen for Thy voice, lest my footsteps stray; I will follow and rejoice, all the rugged way. Thou wilt bind […]

Trust the Eternal

Trust the Eternal Music by Franz Ab Lyrics by William P. McKenzie Trust the Eternal when the shadows gather, When joys of daylight seem so like a dream; God the unchanging pities like a father; Trust on and wait, the daystar yet shall gleam. Trust the Eternal, for the clouds that vanish No more can […]

Through the Love of God Our Savior

Through the Love of God Our Savior Music from a Traditional Welsh Melody Lyrics adapted by Mary Peters Through the love of God our Saviour All will be well; Free and changeless is His favor; All must be well; Precious is the Love that healed us, Perfect is the grace that sealed us, Strong the […]

Take My Life, and Let It Be

Take My Life, and Let It Be Music by George Frideric Handel Lyrics by Frances R. Havergal Take my life, and let it be consecrated, Lord, to Thee. Take my moments and my days, let them flow in ceaseless praise. Take my hands, and let them move at the impulse of Thy love. Take my […]

Still, Still with Thee

Still, Still with Thee Music by John B. Dykes Lyrics by Harriet Beecher Stowe Still, still with Thee when purple morning breaketh, When the bird waketh, and the shadows flee, Fairer than morning, lovelier than the daylight, Dawns the sweet consciousness, I am with Thee. Alone with Thee, amid the changing shadows, Solemn the hush […]

O Tender, Loving Shepherd

O Tender, Loving Shepherd Music by Arthur S. Sullivan Lyrics by Frederic W. Root O tender, loving Shepherd, we long to follow thee, To follow where thou leadest, though rough the path may be; Though dark and heavy shadows enshroud the way with gloom, We know that Love will guide us, and safely lead us […]