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The Shepherds Song

The Shepherd’s Song
Lyricist: Tessa. E. B. Frost
Composers: Tessa E. B. Frost and Jay A. H. Frost

In my darkest night, when I thought I was all alone
I closed my eyes and felt the fear circle round
But then something moved, like a murmur in a nameless crowd
And I heard Your voice calling my name out loud

You said, “I am your God and you are My precious one
I made you brighter than the brightest sun
Come, let us walk through My pastures evergreen
Come, rest your head, lay beside My gentle stream
I will lead you, perfect lamb of Mine – fearless by My design

And yet, should you feel a darkness begin
Be still – don’t hide – I am by your side
With reason’s rod, your strongest guard
You are forever safe as I reveal My grace.

And so now you see My child, it’s more than you could ever dream
Already in your place, you belong at the table of the King
Let Me fill your life; let it brim with My Love
I am All and you are My own

Welcome home

I always lead you, perfect lamb of Mine – fearless by My design.”