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The Song of Soul

The Song of Soul
Words: Peter B. Allen

Verse 1
Deep in the desert, far in the wilderness
Moses was tending his flock
Out of a burning bush, God said to Moses:
“Go set my people free!”

Moses objected: “I’m just a nobody
No one will listen to me
I won’t know what to say
I won’t know what to do
Can’t you find someone else?” The God said:

“Who made your voice? Who made your hands?
Who gave you eyes to see?
Who made the shining stars, oceans of blue and green,
Clear rivers running free?

Who made the light? Who made the sound?
Who made the planets roll?”
Whisper His name. Always the same.
God whose name is Soul.

Verse 2
Are you like Moses, lost in the wilderness?
Yearning to hear God’s voice
Are you resisting? Struggling to understand
Wait! You’re on holy ground.

Don’t turn away from Him, follow the fire within
You have a purpose to fill
Quietly listening, leaning upon His staff
God leads you on to great things. Hear God’s word: