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Through Samaria

Through Samaria

Text: Arlene Pourroy,
adapted by Jon Pourroy
Composer: Jon Pourroy,
arranged by Arlene Pourroy

Jesus once walked the path
That goes through Samaria
People there are not chosen ones
They serve the Lord in other ways
But he knows only one road, one way
Through Samaria, through Samaria

He asks for water to drink
A simple gift for a simple King
And the woman thinks , how dare this Jew
Ask something of a Samaritan
And this living water he knows, will he share
In Samaria, in Samaria

His Truth fills her broken heart
No more anger there to see
The Christ was ever there
Before this mighty trav’ler came
To fill them all with grace and peace
In Samaria, in Samaria

All good things go through Samaria
All good things go through Samaria

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