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In Julia Ward Howe’s gorgeous lyric for the “Battle Hymn Of The Republic” she writes,
“I have seen Him in the watch fires
Of a hundred circling camps”

We knew a watch fire to be a way of lighting up the outer perimeters of one’s space to insure protection from opposing forces.  We wanted to be able to fill people’s experience with light and we wanted to do it through music.

And so our name was born.

At the time, I had had a delightful experience selling two very successful recently produced Inspirational CDs off my own website, and the sales, promotion and shipping were taking more of my time than I could handle.  It became clear to me that I needed a company behind me.  I approached an old High School buddy of mine, James Birch, with the idea of forming such a company.  After a few months deliberation, we formed Watchfire Music together, raised money for our fledgling startup company and began the journey.

For the first 4-5 years we grew our roster of artists from several to over a hundred.  We built a robust site that could handle all of their material and were fast on our way.  Then the music business began to crash, and crash it did.  Music was becoming free to generations of people.  My partner, Jim, and I had a peaceful parting of ways and I took on a new partner, my wife, and our best-selling artist, Julia Wade.

Julia became President of WFM and I took on the second position of CEO adding to my previous position of Creative Director.  Julia’s ideas regarding the selling of Digital Sheet Music actually saved the company and kept us alive during the worst crash the music business had ever experienced.

Our passion for this business driving us, we expanded the range of our services then beyond music and into Watchfire New Media, building websites for others, managing social media, and producing music concerts.  We realized that since music was now becoming free to a point, the only way to stay alive was to put music with things that would sell.  We knew that music would enhance just about anything that it accompanied and so we survived because we were still nimble as a company and were willing to change directions in a hurricane of times.

We bought a little known company that had a good idea and through many great improvements turned it into Solo Thoughts, one of our best selling products.  We rebuilt our site four times to stay current with the changing technology.  We became a virtual company with staffing around the world and kept our overhead (no office space) at a minimum in order to keep our prices down.  We bought the equipment to manufacture our own CDs from top to bottom in the basement B Studio of our own home.  We poured our earnings into Link Recording Studios to make our other “home studio” a state-of-the-art work space that has enabled us to turn out very professional product.  We worked years to find the right staffing of dedicated, like minded and most talented people who could fill the holes where Julia and I were lacking.  And Julia and I learned years of tech knowledge to be able to do all this to maintain a company of over 300 artists and composers with a website of over 3000 pages selling over 12,000 products.

Our story is a tale of passion, dedication and service. Our story is also a story of survival during a very tough time.  Heaven wanted us to survive.  We’re very clear on that!  We sell our music and services from here across the world to Australia and back again.  Our customers love us – they tell us this nearly every day.  This keeps us going more than the sales that continue to come in.  It’s easy to serve that loving customer base.

We never seem to be able to grab enough time to do our art – me a composer, Julia, a superb vocal artist, and yet we are releasing Julia’s 13th Inspirational CD this month.  I guess you might call us the product of a Renaissance time.  It is a time when the artist has to be able to do more than just his art.  We create, we manufacture, we promote, we are the storefront, we ship, and we are the customer service.  We do all this to bring a little more light to the world around us.  We are Watchfire Music.

Peter Link

CEO/Creative Director

About Peter

Over a decade ago Peter saw a need to present a more principled and inspirational music to the world.  With James Birch he founded Watchfire Music with the desire to span all cultures, religions and people.  Over the years WFM has grown to embrace all spiritual ideas but promote no religious theology.  He likes to say, “It is our mission only to be a gathering of light.”

Peter is best known for his work as a composer and music producer.  As a composer his work on and off Broadway earned him a wall of awards including a Gold Record, a Drama Desk Award, several Tony Nominations, and a 5-year position at NYC’s prestigious Public Theater as Joseph Papp’s composer-in-residence where he wrote music for over 40 shows.

For three decades, Peter has owned and operated first Westrax Recording Studios and then Link Recording Studios.  These studios have been the musician’s choice in NYC for recording and mixing independent music productions. As a music producer, Peter Link has over 100 albums to his credit with a variety of recording artists – Julia Wade, Jenny Burton, Steve Blanchard, Judy MacLane, Mindy Jostyn, Bobby Stanton, Margaret Dorn, Osceola Davis, Tom Tipton, to just name a few.

To find out more about Peter’s career please visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Link



Julia Wade

President/Director of DSM

About Julia

Julia began her career with Watchfire Music as a Recording Artist and soon became interested in the WFM business as she watched it develop at a rapid pace. Very early on, Ms. Wade saw the need and the opportunity for Watchfire Music to provide a comprehensive Digital Sheet Music store on watchfiremusic.com and brought her idea to the company. Ms. Wade was given seed money and set free to build out her idea on the site. The new direction became WFM's largest selling division.

Julia is also a Classical Crossover artist whose work spans many different musical styles from Classical to Broadway to Pop. She has performed nationally and internationally in opera, cabaret, concert work, and musical theatre, including The Rome Opera and Carnegie Hall. From 2005 to 2012, she also was the Soloist at a major international church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, MA.  Along the way, Julia somehow found the time to record 13 albums with her producer, Peter Link.

To find out more about her music, please visit Julia's profile page.  



Graphics and Web Designer

Website Developer and Chief Technician

Marketing and Social Media Maven

Database and Website Technician