King of Hearts

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Letter Received Just Recently!

“Dear Mr. Link,

“As a young man, still at drama school I saw a production of King of Hearts, the Musical, at Edinburgh Royal Lyceum Theatre Company. It was Stunning. I saw every performance. I cherished my copy of the album given to me by the then artistic director Leslie Lawton.

“I have searched on an ongoing basis for the album in various form and now have a digital copy … it still has a joy and a resonance that is missing in much performance music.

“I just wanted to say thanks for such an inclusive piece of work – years ahead of its time (in many ways) and wish it was given full productions more.” ~Alan Blair, Glenrothes, Scotland

About King of Hearts

Music by Peter Link / Lyrics by Jacob Brackman / Book by Steve Tesich

What follows is a brief history and some random thoughts about KING OF HEARTS written originally by composer Peter Link in 1980 and updated in 2003 and again in 2017:

KING OF HEARTS has always been more than just another musical for me. Since I first saw the film some years ago it has been more of an obsession. When the movie was over, I sat dumbfounded in the theatre in awe of the story and the incredible possibilities it held for a new musical.

The evolution of KING OF HEARTS has included many productions. Each one has been somewhat different in its own way but each one has always had at its center one major similarity -- love.

I discovered that A.J. Antoon, a brilliant young American stage director, was also very interested in adapting KING OF HEARTS for the musical stage. We spent six months trying to get the rights since KING OF HEARTS was a French film. At that time there were at least ten other producers around the world fighting for the same rights. I had fallen in love with this story and we both had become very excited about the possibilities of the project, so the thought of losing the rights to someone else was a most difficult prospect to face. Consequently we both went to Paris, wined and dined Phillippe DeBroca, the director of the film, for a solid week, bowled him over with our enthusiasm, and came home with the bacon... click here to read more

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King Of Hearts -- Through The Years

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