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When I started serving as organist for the church, I had written a couple of solos, among other things. My soloist liked them and sang them for services; they were very well received. She started asking (every week, actually) if I’d written something new, so I continued composing solos, which led to publishing them.

DARCEY PRESS, my publishing company, now publishes sacred music compositions, keyboard and vocal, of over 40 contemporary composers, including sacred solos of many styles.


Adrienne Tindall served as a church organist for 40-plus years, working with many superb soloists. B.A. in Music Composition, B.Mus. and M.M. degrees in Organ. D.B.A. DARCEY PRESS ( since 1984, which publishes sacred solos of all styles. DARCEY PRESS also publishes books of organ compositions, mostly hymn tune based. A collection titled Christmas Carols for Friends and Families contains 84 carols, the familiar as well as less known, plus originals written for the collection, and a brief history of carols, “Where do our carols come from?”

With a deep love for hymns, she is a Life Member of the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada (HSUSC), as well as a member of American Guild of Organists (AGO), holding the Associate certification (AAGO) of that organization. DARCEY PRESS’ most recent project, “In Melody and Songs”, reintroduces 100 versified psalms by Isaac Watts, “The Father of English Hymnody” (he wrote “Joy to the world, the Lord is come!”). Contemporary composers have written new hymn tunes for the Watts texts.

An inspiring text sung to a satisfying melody and harmonization — nothing can be more beautiful! Soli Deo Gloria.


As a professional singer and church soloist, I have sung solos written by Adrienne Tindall for many years. I greatly appreciate the freshness of the melodies and the compatibility and grace of the accompaniments. She has an uncanny ability to create a vocal line that enhances and embodies the words in ways that capture the feeling and heart of the text. She really causes the meaning of the words to sing, whether it's with a soaring vocal line that lifts the heart along with the notes, or with a rhythm that insightfully emphasizes the thoughts behind the words. She understands the sung line like a fine singer. She understands the sacred texts like a spiritual thinker. Her solos are singable and inspiring, and I highly recommend them.

(Joan Welles Lombardi, Soloist)

You have made such an important contribution to the Christian Science platform by your dedication to printing solos and organ works of your own as well as of other composers. Your setting of "Communion Hymn" is uniquely joyful, and "So Good is God" is one of my favorites!

(Gwen Eagleton, former cast member of "The Phantom of the Opera National Tour"; Co-Soloist at The Mother Church.)

Adrienne Tindall's compositions create a "new" classic in church music today. Her settings engage the texts in meaningful ways, with intricate development of the separate vocal line and the instrumental accompaniment. An example of a particularly evocative solo is "The Mists of Adam Dreaming." This piece illustrates the dramatic tension that she strikes between text and music. While the subject is familiar, her use of dissonance drives the musical line with carefully planned resolution. The harmonies interpret the biblical story, and allow the listener a refreshed interpretation of the event. Tindall's music is always satisfying, and leaves the listener wanting more. Not surprisingly, her work is being sung in many churches throughout the country--a true testament to her talent.

(Glo Rolighed, Music Chairman, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Glenview, IL)

I was so moved by the solo on Sunday . . . . Margaret Imrie substituted at church and sang "So Good is God". . . . The melody line has been wafting in my thoughts the last two days and it even came out in sound last night. What a gift. It may be my favorite right now. Dear friend, rest assured that your tireless, unselfed labors on behalf of church music are bearing fruit -- I found them in my heart.

(Lois, CSB in Chicago)

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