Clement Barker

Composer    Lyricist

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Clement Barker’s catalogue of beautiful traditional solos from the early and mid 20th century continue to inspire and lift up congretations. Mostly based on Bible texts, his songs are still well-loved today.

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Clement Barker was born in Oakland, California, and raised first by his grandmother and then by Karla Carey’s mother, who was a fine piano teacher, and who started him in his career in music. In his early teens, Mr. Barker began playing the organ at First Church of Christ, Scientist in Oakland. He married Rowena Andresson and had one son, Warren. Later he moved to Southern California in 1932 to perform in a large church there for the singer Lucy Van de Mark. At her request, he arranged solos for her and then continued a fine career of composing Sacred songs for church. In He passed in 1963 in Southern California.

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