Kate Gibson Oswald

Artist    Lyricist

Musician, songwriter, visual artist, thinker, teacher, spiritual healer….

Kate Gibson Oswald brings a rich creative experience to her inspirational music. Her love of humanity, nature, poetry, spirituality and healing, infuse everything she expresses creatively in song, art, healing, and life.

As a lyricist Kate dreams of matching stories and ideas with their perfect expression in words. As a composer she listens to the ideas until they express themselves in a natural melody. As a harpist she evokes the instrument’s voice, engaging the ideas or stories through her hands, and as a singer she strives to engage and delight her audience through her heartfelt message and performance.

With an insatiable hunger for things uplifting, beautiful, and meaningful, Kate was inspired to blend a career in music with a spiritual healing practice of Christian Science. She has been delighted with the blessings of healing and inspiration that have come with this commitment.

Kate continues to craft beautiful inspirational songs which she began in while studying with Peter Link at the Watchfire Learning Lab.


Kate attended Saturday morning Orff method music lessons as a child. These wonderful classes taught her what music IS and how to engage it. Upon graduation her teacher told her parents “Now Katy is ready to learn an instrument” She then went on to learn to play the recorder and the viola.

It goes without saying that singing and living are one and the same for Kate.

As an adult, Kate obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art (1981) and a Bachelor of Education (1984) from Queen’s University. Kate also studied voice, taught recorder, and sang in premier chamber ensembles in Ontario and BC while raising her family and teaching music and children’s art classes.

In 1997 after moving to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Kate fell in love with the Celtic harp and has been playing, teaching, song writing, recording, accepting commissions, and performing in Celtic bands, festivals, churches, ensembles and solo, with it ever since.

Since 2000 Kate has been a member of the acclaimed harp/vocal trio AnamCara enchanting audiences throughout Western Canada with original music, dynamic arrangements, Celtic harps and delicious vocal harmonies.

Kate’s solo CD Musician’s Canvas (2004) is a delightful compilation of traditional music, original songs, instrumentals, and inspired nature poetry set to music.

In 2011 Kate spent almost three weeks in New York City honing her song writing and performance skills with Peter Link of Watchfire Music.

In addition to her work as a musician and teacher, Kate is also establishing a Christian Science healing practice and begun facilitating inspirational workshops that include inspirational music.


"Thank you so much for your wonderful masterpiece… I love the title, with the idea that the vocal artist creates a vibrant canvas." – Iona, Vancouver, BC

“The whole CD has a nice balance of music and is very cohesive” – Lori Papajohn, New Westminster, BC

"Thank you so much for your beautiful CD. Your voice is so true and clear and the harp exquisite and gentle. I love listening while I work at my desk." – Sue Anderson, Bainsbridge Island, WA

"Your arrangements are lovely, perfect compliments to your voice and the poetry you've chosen, whether your mother's beautiful words, your own thinker's creations or the traditional songs…And I love the way you've crafted the CD as a whole, cover art included. It's like the story of living, beginning in Apple Trees in December- with sweet and simple "rebirth" and ending in toe-tapping "Celebration." – Nancy, Spokane, Washington

“I love the variety; both in style and texture, the old and the new ... you managed 
to get it all on there!  Yet there is this thread of consistency running through it. I love the Columbus story, a wonderfully spun tale and a great message, as well as your lovely instrumental” (The Lady Waits...) – Susan Norie, Summerland, British Columbia

"The CD is marvelous – a work of art. It speaks of love for family and the world around us with a strong and sweet voice."



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