Lisa Redfern


For over 30 years Lisa’s pure soprano voice, infused with empathy and hope, has brought joy and comfort to hundreds of thousands – from cradles to retirement homes, from schools to homeless shelters, from cafes to concert halls.

Recalling her earliest music memories, Lisa says, “My parents, both artists and educators, sang hymns and lullabies to me when I was a child, which brought me a feeling of safety and comfort. During my teenage years, my dad and I built and performed a musical repertoire together. Then, suddenly, while I was in college, he died, and I lost my musical partner. It took some time for me to find joy in singing again, but music was what I was drawn to for healing from that loss and those that lay ahead. I love offering solace to other people. Many who have listened to my lullaby and hymn CDs, in particular, have written to me and shared how their struggles with loss, depression, anxiety or loneliness have been eased by these songs. Time and again, I have witnessed the power of music to inspire, heal and even transform lives. This is not personal, this is universal. Music takes us out of ourselves and connects us to something beyond, something infinite.”


Lisa Redfern is an award-winning singer-songwriter with 11 solo recordings. Her clear, bell-like voice has often been compared to Judy Collins and Joan Baez. But she is a versatile vocalist who blends her roots in folk, bluegrass and country with blues and jazz to create something unmistakably her own.

Lisa has opened for many notables, including The Roches, Livingston Taylor, Cindy Kallet, Dave Mallett, and she shared the stage (and several duets) with Pete Seeger. Her recordings have garnered positive critical reviews and extensive radio play, and she has added her voice to the soundtracks of dozens of other artists. Her songs have been licensed, including “My Eileen” by the Ring of Truth trio and “Live Through the Questions” by producers of the play, “Timeline.” Her awards include Best Song (West Coast Songwriters Contest), Finalist (Great American Song Contest & USA Songwriting Competition), as well as a NAPPA Gold and a Parents’ Choice Silver for her lullaby CD, “Sing Me Goodnight.”

Lisa has guest soloed several times at The Mother Church in Boston. You can hear some of her inspirational music on the Church’s “The Weekly Musician” podcast and also on the Christian Science Publishing Society’s CD set, “Let’s Sing.” Her version of “Mother’s Evening Prayer,” called “Sandra’s Melody,” was included in the most recent CS hymnal.


Wow, I haven’t heard a voice like yours in 30 years, you sound like one of the original women of folk.

Livingston Taylor

Your CD is so soulful and beautiful, your voice moves me to tears. You have a very special gift and I am so glad you made this CD. I would like to share this with the spiritual care providers at the hospice where I work. I think they will love it!

Lori Messer, Santa Rosa, California

The album is over-the-top wonderful! The rendition of "Tender Mercies" is delightful and "All Before Me Peaceful" is precious. There is such sweet tenderness and comfort throughout the CD that it totally wrapped me up in Love as I listened. Thanks so much for sharing it with me and I am already spreading the word.

Susan Mack, St. Louis, Missouri

For some, prayer is whirling. For others, it is swaying, bowing, kneeling, prostrating. Or silence. For Lisa Redfern, it is singing, and when she does it all who hear are wrapped in the light that comes through her voice. This collection of sung prayers comforts, cheers, uplifts and lightens.

Bunny McBride, Bath, Maine

Your CD is exquisite. I’m so glad to know you are continuing to bless others with your voice.

Jennifer Johnston, Brookline, Massachusetts

The beautiful CD you made, "A Living Prayer", I listen to every night before sleep and if I can't sleep I play your CD again and all is well. I'm so very grateful.

Rosie Seitz, Interlachen, Florida

Another triumph. I love it.

Susan Els, Burlington, Vermont



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