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Wordlight Publishing corrals a unique group of composers and lyricists whose lives and work have taken them from the east coast to California to South America. They have created a collection of timeless melodies with a simple folk-like feel. The lyrics are Bible-inspired texts that give fresh views to familiar Scripture


The Spanish Wordlight Composers include:

Melanie Harrington Alcázar Active as an organist and singer since childhood, Melanie began composing inspirational solos when she completed Ross Harrington’s song, “Truly the Lord,” after he (her father) passed in 1991. She continues to compose as well as translate and adapt solos into Spanish. Melanie lives in Chile.

As a musician and educator, Ross Harrington won a fellowship to teach in Colombia for several years. This experience inspired him to eventually retire with his wife to South America where he focused on composing inspirational songs.

Arlene Pourroy is a lyricist and composer whose love of music and poetry has followed her through marriage, children, and two car

eers. Currently, Arlene operates Wordlight Publishing, which has been presenting inspirational music for over twenty years.

Singer and composer Jon Pourroy performs with and writes regularly for his band, Rock-a-Nova. He also regularly gives his musical expertise to a Christian rock band for local charity causes. As a composer, Jon excels in writing story-oriented songs that bring new perspective to timeless stories from the Bible.

Nicholas P. Schliapin is a prolific composer whose works range from early American shape note songs to sophisticated contemporary works. He is a church organist and participates in Sacred Harp shape-note singing.

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