Holiday Music

Watchfire Music has assembled a wonderful collection of Holiday music for your enjoyment! By definition, Holiday music covers a range from sacred to celebratory to secular.  Most of our artists listed in this category have recorded this music especially for the holiday seasons, and you’ll also find seasonal tracks and albums by musicians and performers […]

John F. Wilson

John’s songs were written during his years as a government legal advisor. They were prompted by a desire to contribute to Christian Science church services. The name ‘Sermons in Song’ is derived from a phrase in Science & Health by Mary Baker Eddy (p.234) “be it song, sermon or Science”.

Austin C. Lovelace

Austin C. Lovelace, D.S.M., AAGO. Member of ASCAP, Fellow and Life Member of HSUSC, noted hymnologist, has over 1,000 titles published by 40-plus publishers. DARCEY PRESS publishes 64 sacred solos, all of which link inspiring texts to settings that are musically satisfying and accessible, eminently singable and congregation friendly.

Lea Schmidt-Rogers

Lea Schmidt-Rogers composes music for the piano, organ, and voice that is beautiful and inspiring, serving the church with practical and accessible music.

Robert J. Powell

An established composer and musician, Robert J. Powell, BMus., MSM, FAGO, ChM, member of ASCAP, has over 800 titles published. Sacred solo settings are part of that number, and are a blessing to church services: inspiring texts have skillful, sensitive, beautifully written settings.

William Elliott

A note from William Elliott: “I have always been fascinated by the experience of setting words to music and music to words. When the marriage is a good one, something is created in the world that wasn’t there before and that continues to live and allows us to connect better with each other. I hope you like my songs.”

Jennifer Nubel

Jennifer Nubel presents poems by Mary Baker Eddy set to classical music from Bach to Bizet. Jennifer crafts these highly accessible solos using skills and insights gained from her years of experience as church organist, accompanist, and ensemble singer. The study tracks employ ‘realistic singer rubato’ for easy singing along.

April Brahinsky

April Brahinsky, a longtime pianist and teacher offers beautiful solos available as sheet music and she also kicks off our WFM Church Music Recording Collection by providing recorded instrumental music for use in church services. Here are instrumentals to fulfill the needs of churches that desire to play recorded music for their Preludes, Offertories and Postludes. They are divided into three categories: Calm and Prayerful – perhaps just a perfect way to start your Sunday morning service, Joyful and Rousing – more energetic and perhaps better for a Postlude, and Energies of Soul – those that could go either way and also might be a great choice for your Offertory. We’ll let you decide.

Noah Marlowe

Noah Marlowe is a seasoned veteran of the Broadway stage, an actor of depth and is blessed with a singing voice that belies his age (which happens to be 14 years).  Still in the process of finding his particular genre of musical styling he explores several traditions here ranging from Pop to Rock to Broadway and often finds an original mix of all three.

Zack Danziger

As a musical artist, I love to gently chisel away at a song, turning it this way and that way, trying to get to the essence of all the pieces of music that are hiding within it. When each new insight becomes clear, the flash of that eureka moment makes all the hard work worthwhile.