Paul Kirby

Paul H. Kirby writes music that is meaningful and accessible, but nevertheless original. He has found expression in classical symphonies and chamber music, as well as musical theatre and religious songs. Dr. Paul H. Kirby serves as organist at Zion-St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in New York City, and as Treasurer of the Musicians Club of […]

The Heritage Collection

A Historical Treasure Trove of Past Works Here we honor many most important WFM inspirational artists and their works from past decades. It has always been our desire here at Watchfire Music to enhance the music of our church rather than to change the music of our church. So, we try to bring to you […]

Lorna Kelly

Lorna grew up in Rhodesia and Northern Rhodesia, and despite living in untamed countryside her family had access to 78 RPM records, from which her inspiration and love of singing took root. She and her two sisters all loved to sing and performed as The Gray Sisters for many events, often being likened to The […]

Carole Baldwin

Soloist Carole Baldwin performs Ruth Lambert’s songs, which you can hear in the “More Details” section of any Vocal Solo.

Fear Thou Not

Sacred Songs Sung By Some Of London’s Finest Twenty Bible-based songs for healing with organist Mark Cyphus and singers Françoise André, Phillida Bannister, Kathryn Hannah, John Lofthouse, Alison Russell-Hayward, Victoria Stanyon, Helen Whittington and Michael Solomon Williams. Recorded in the former building of Eleventh Church of Christ Scientist, London, four were composed specially for this […]

Solo Thoughts Select

Solo Thoughts Select is a Music Research Tool for pairing preludes, solos, offertories and preludes matched to each weekly Bible Lesson Sermon for use in Christian Science church services and beyond! Click here to visit our Solo Thoughts Select Information page in the WFM Shop. You can also access the Solo Thoughts Select page any time […]

Josh Henn

Josh is a classically-trained tenor that audiences frequently compare to Josh Groban. Listeners love Josh’s baritone/tenor range, which spans more than two octaves, offers a rich foundation, and supports controlled ascension into his upper register. Clear and refreshing, Josh’s voice is also commanding and moving as it climbs to the pinnacle of a piece. “Josh […]

Glenn Hardy

Glenn Hardy was born in Ventura, California, USA and began piano study at the age of four. He grew up in a musically diverse home where his older brother, an accomplished pianist and clarinetist, was a primary influence. Through access to his extensive record collection, Glenn developed an early interest in a wide range of […]

Carol Crowder Phillips

The music of Carol Crowder Phillips has melodies that tell stories; harmonies that vary from simple to complex; tonalities that evoke ancient music, and yet are modern. Words and music are skillfully and artistically interwoven to become a dance.

Peter J. Hodgson

“Working with composer/keyboardist Peter J. Hodgson the past few years has been one of the highlights of my career. Peter’s exquisite arrangements and original settings of these ten inspiring texts and tunes were an absolute joy to record and we are glad to make the sheet music available.” -Desiree Goyette, vocalist and publisher, Lightchild Publishing