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Rosemary And Thyme – The Pilot 2.0

Theater of The Imagination

It’s a new theatrical innovation that is a totally immersive experience. All you have to do is close your eyes and listen! Instead of going to the theater, the theater now comes to you!

Let’s start with
Our Premiere Podcast Musical

Rosemary And Thyme

A Modern-Day Christmas Story
A Re-Imagining of the Greatest Story Ever Told in A Podcast Musical of 16 Episodes! It’s Radio Re-Imagined!
It’s Theater of The Imagination

So First,
Listen to The Pilot 2.0

Rosemary And Thyme, a Podcast Musical in 16 episodes, is a modern-day Christmas Nativity Story.  God takes a look at today’s world and really does not like what he sees.  So, He decides to send his ol’ trusty Angel, Gabriel, on a mission.  Our Miracle Tale takes place in the back-country of Skedee, Oklahoma – population 139 – about a back-country girl, soon to be a woman, named Thyme Quinn.  And she’s soon to be the wife of the town’s only preacher man, the Reverend Josiah Washburn.

“Wow! I love this podcast! The story is so fun and engaging, the characters are so rich. Talk about talent! I like to really crank it up and get swept away in the music and gorgeous voices. Can’t wait for the next episode!”

~ Tina Black, Los Angeles, CA

Meet The Cast of Episode 1 – The Pilot 2.0

With a cast of 19 New York actors, and music of the country, the great Southwest and beyond, we bring you Theater of The Imagination,  Radio, Re-imagined, a Podcast Musical in 16 Episodes!

Meet the all-star cast of New York actors from Broadway, television, the movies and beyond.  Over 16 episodes, Michael Tucker, Julia Wade, Steve Blanchard, and Judy McLane lead a cast of 19 actors featuring special guest appearances by Don Scardino, Wayne Duvall, Patrick Ryan Sullivan, Jenny Burton, and Terry Burrell.  Melvin Abston, Michelle Liu Coughlin and Martin Sola form a most special trio of characters.  Natalie Toro, Robert Montano, Jan Horvath, Patrick Jude, Carolee Goodgold and Emily Bindiger each bring further soulful and colorful characters to this Re-Imagining of The Greatest Story Ever Told!

Peter Link, composer and lyricist, CEO and Creative Director of Watchfire Music, wrote the music for Rosemary And Thyme. 

As a collaborator, he co-wrote the lyrics and book with distinguished playwright, poet and author, Ragan Courtney

Director, coach and teacher Ron Stetson brought his refined dramaturgy skill to the project and directed Rosemary And Thyme.

Want to Dive Deeper?

Listen to The Theater Of The Imagination Podcast Series here:

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