Searching For My Father

Searching For My Father

A Musical Of Biblical Proportions

Music by Peter Link
Book and Lyrics by Peter Link and Ragan Courtney

is a musical about a boy dealing with the loss of his father at an early age. He struggles with alienation and fear as he copes with the waning faith of his childhood. Characters from his earlier Biblical teachings mysteriously and wonderfully appear to him in a whirl of questions, fantasy and reality as he searches for the love he had always felt from his late father. In SEARCHING FOR MY FATHER, the boy finds direction in his questioning that eventually produces hope and even joy.

All the singing in the following Demo Songs

performed by

Julia Wade, Jenny Burton and Peter Link

Music Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link

Musical Numbers

Isaiah 40

Script Pg 3

Entire Cast (Except the Boy)



It Was Very Good

Script Pg 7

Adam & Eve


In The Beginning

Script Pg 13

Entire Cast


The Ten Commandments

Script Pg 21

Moses & Choir


 I Can Sing

Script Pg 30

Goliath & The Boy


Psalm 139

Script Pg 35



David And Bathsheba

Script Pg 41

The Handmaiden



The Snakes’ Seduction

Script Pg 50

Basil Rattler & Brownnose Viper



Daniel In The Lion’s Den

Script Pg 54

Darius, Basil & Brownnose



Intreat Me Not

Script Pg 62





Script Pg 67

The Boy



I Don’t Need A God

Script Pg 72

The Boy




Joy Cometh In The Morning

Script Pg 76

Choir Of Angels


He Forgave Me

Script Pg 83




There’s A Second Coming Comin’

Script Pg 88

3 Disciples & Choir

Lotus Flower

Script Pg 101

The Boy

There Is Nothing To Forgive

Script Pg 107


The Crucifixion

Script Pg 129

Full Cast

Mary Came Runnin’

Script Pg 124

Mary Magdalene & Choir

Intreat Me Not -- Reprise

(not yet available)

Script Pg 131

The Boy & Mom

There seems to be a common theme in many works of literature involving man's search for meaning all the way from Odysseus to those on the same quest today. Bottom line: it is a spiritual quest. We borrowed from that universal theme to tell the story of a young boy who finds his life a world of confusion, sorrow and anger as he is plunged into an ocean of grief after the loss of his father to cancer.

The boy is frightened and has lost his bearings as he abandons the faith he found in the teachings of his family's faith. He feels betrayed or abandoned by God. Forgotten, perhaps. This musical is the story of his journey from chaos, confusion, sorrow and abandonment to the safety and comfort of home. Even as Odysseus had to work hard leaving the Trojan War meeting weird characters on his pilgrimage back home, the boy meets characters from the Biblical stories of his childhood as they mysteriously appear before him in a whirl of questions, fantasy, music and reality. In this swirl of revelation, the boy desperately searches for meaning and the love he feels he lost at his father's death.

In SEARCHING FOR MY FATHER, the boy finds answers to the questions for his life, and through those questions and the music the boy completes his journey home where he finds hope, love and even joy.

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