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Abide In Love

Carolyn Kardinal  •  Song


Kardinal has created an arrangement of two familiar melodies (Abide with Me and Simple Gifts) in a gentle folk-style solo which gives a sense of the peace and quietness of divine Love. Lyrics by Carolyn Kardinal. Copyright 2008.

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Music and Lyrics by C.Kardinal

Abide in Love and never fear the night.
Love sends you angels to bring you to the light.
Love lifts your thought above all earthly care.
When you abide in Love you cannot fear.
Abide in Love. Cast off the self and sin.
Love gently guides to God’s kingdom within.
Love is your refuge, and your shield and stay.
When you abide in Love you cannot stray.
Abide in Love, compassion, charity.
Lift one another, sharing tenderly.
Let God’s forgiveness replace the selfish pride.
You will be blessed when you in Love abide.
Abide in Love. Let earthly pleasures fade.
Love is the Source, the foundation God has laid.
Build up your mansion on Love and purity,
And you’ll abide in Love eternally.

Copyright 2008 C.Kardinal

Copyright 2008 C.Kardinal

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