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All Roads

Mindy Jostyn  •  Song


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All Roads

Three hundred and sixty-nine nights ago
We were in some bar by the harbour down in Montauk Cove
Three hundred and sixty-eight days ago
The car broke down for the last time on some back beach road
And I don’t know how to fix broken engines
any more than I know Why . . . why did I go? I only know
I’m looking over empty pages
I’m looking at a cold year
I’m looking in my heart and I’m seein’
All roads lead back to you
God knows, I’ve tried to drive on through
But everytime I turn around a bend, I see what I always knew
All roads lead back to you
Three hundred and sixty-nine nights ago
We slept at that run-down motel outside of town
And three hundred and sixty-eight days ago
I checked out for the last time and caught the ferry across the sound
But the nights we spent in that summer heat remain with me today
And repeat like a song that won’t get out of my brain
The rhythm of the wheels inside me
The white lines rushing by me
Rain falling on the window, and darlin’
How can I wait when time won’t let me
How can I stop when I can’t let go
How can I run in no direction, I’m right back where I started from
How can I doubt what I see so clearly
How can I drop what I can’t outgrow
How can I wait even one more day when I know
I’m living in a senseless crisis
I’m giving in, I cannot fight this
I’m coming on home, I swear
I pray you’ll still be there

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