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And That’s Enough

Julia Wade  •  Song


What about all the kids across the world waking up this Christmas and NOT getting what they wished for, what they dreamed of getting under the tree? Here is an imagined story that has probably already happened all too often…and will sadly happen again. This one has a happy ending and maybe a reminder to us all of just what might be more important.

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And That’s Enough
Music and Lyrics by Peter Link

I heard the bells on Christmas Day
But they weren’t ringing them for me
I woke that morning just like any other kid
Knowing it would be right there, under the tree
Dressed in silver and gold with red ribbons
Waiting there
Waiting there just for me

But as the day went by
And time ran out
The hope inside my heart just slipped away
Cuz I didn’t get what I wanted
And I kinda felt cheated
I thought this was to be my special day

I knew my ma was watching me
I know she knew just how I felt
Since Dad had left us it was only just us two
It was tough enough to deal with all we were dealt
Mama said, “Darlin’, oh girl I wanna talk to you
You know,
Now we’re just scraping by and oh baby
If I could, I would buy you the world” she cried.

“But now it’s time for truth
Ya’ know, it’s just not your day
This day is really all about another child
An’ I’m so sorry

“So ya’ didn’t get what cha wanted
But ya’ got what you needed
We got love in our life and that’s enough”

We got love in our life
And that’s enough
Love in our life
And that’s enough
That’s enough
That’s enough for us

I heard the bells on Christmas Day
And they were ringing just for us
For us
For us
And that’s enough

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