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Beautiful Soul

Sara Renner  •  Song


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Beautiful Soul
sara renner, nate sabin
C 2006 Lone Soul Publishing/Lorilu Music ASCAP

Beautiful soul, lovely gentle
Life never complicated you
Beautiful soul, shining pure gold
Pain couldn’t tarnish your glow
Beautiful soul, I’m so grateful
To know you, to know you

Verse 1
There’s a light that shines without the sun
There’s a dance that doesn’t need a drum
There’s a song that doesn’t make a sound
There’s a peace I have when you’re around

Verse 2
There’s a smile that doesn’t have a prayer
There’s a hope that doesn’t cast a care
There’s a cry that doesn’t shed a tear
And everyday I wish that you were here

And I can hear the angels singing
On the day that you arrive
Welcome to the arms of Jesus
Safely abide

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