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Breaking Through the Clouds of Darkness

Tara Buzash  •  Song


An upbeat bounce. Sunday School kids will love this one. It’s short for a solo (1:34), but you could repeat the whole thing, or use it as a hymn instead of a solo. Lyrics taken from Hymn #29 in the Christian Science Hymnal. Available with hymn accompaniment or solo accompaniment.

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Breaking Through the Clouds of Darkness
Words by Florence L. Heywood
Music by Tara Buzash

1. Breaking through the clouds of darkness,
Black with error, doubt and fear;
Lighting up each somber shadow,
With a radiance soft and clear;
Filling every heart with gladness,
That its holy power feels,
Comes the Christian Science gospel,
Sin it kills and grief it heals.

2. Christlike in its benedictions,
Godlike in its strength sublime;
Conquering every subtle error,
With a meekness all divine,
It has gone across the ocean,
It is known in every land,
And our sisters and our brothers
Are united in one band.

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