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Bring Love Back

Mindy Jostyn  •  Song


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Bring Love Back

Oh Lord, night’s so quiet again
Just you and me, like long-lost friends
I know I’m in good company
But one of these days, won’t you bring love back to me
Bring love back to me, teach me how it’s supposed to be
Show me what I need to know, I know that’s what I need
Bring love back to me, I see my life so differently
Let there be a next time,
Won’t you bring it back to me
I know how bad I’ve misunderstood
A woman with a man, it was meant to be good
And I’ve played my hand out carelessly
But I know it’s in your power to bring it back to me
I’m listening
I’m listening to the silence
I’m listening to the wind
Filling me with mystery
Whispering again
I stay far away from the crowd,
Where I can hear your voice just like you’re talking out loud
You fill the sky with stars, and you fill the deepest sea
Now won’t you fill my life with love, won’t you bring it back to me

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