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Calamity Jane

Mindy Jostyn  •  Song


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Calamity Jane

Once I had me a wife, mighta fell short of love
But we had us a life, I was happy enough
In a comfortable world, mighta seemed a little tame
Then along came a girl called Calamity Jane
Three beautiful children, they depended on me
Boys five and seven, baby girl only three
But she rushed through my blood like a hit of cocaine
And I left my family for Calamity Jane
CH: Come away, come away, she called to me
Come away, come away
In the twilight grey, in a reverie
Her impossible love seemed to set me free
She was gentle as an angel, she was cruel as a queen
I was helpless as a baby, I was lost in a dream
Of course she vanished as sudden as she came
God, pity the damage of Calamity Jane
I’m bereft and bewildered, I’m a wretched man
But here’s the strange thing I’ll never understand
Even after the disaster, the passion and the pain,
I can’t remember what she looks like, my Calamity Jane

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