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Chariots of Fire

Deborah Offenhauser  •  Song


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Lyrics by Deborah A. Offenhauser
Music by Deborah A. Offenhauser

Verse 1
And Moses led the Children out
Unto the Promised Land.
They cried out for more bread and meat
Than Moses found on hand.

To feed and water all of them seemed
A very heavy task,
But when Moses turned to God in prayer,
He only had to ask, ‘cause

He saw a legion of angels, standing by his side.
A chorus singing praises, Allelujah, way up high!
Those chariots of fire, driving Justice through the sky,
And the two-edged sword of David, with the Lord right by his side!

Verse 2

Elijah was at one with God
And did many wondrous things.
He raised a child from the dead
And saved the lives of kings.

His doubts and fears were overcome
As he drew close to God,
And his vision was uplifted
And his heart was filled with awe, ‘cause


Verse 3

Our Lord and Master did it all:
The sinner he redeemed.
The sick were healed, the poor were fed
He woke all from their dream!

The kingdom of heaven is just within
He told the people true.
With confidence he blessed us all,
And saved both me and you.


Music and Lyrics Copyright ©2015 Deborah A. Offenhauser

Copyright ©2015 Deborah A. Offenhauser

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