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Common Ground

Mindy Jostyn  •  Song


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Common Ground

Woman reads a magazine full of feminine opinions
They tell her what she’s missing, tell her how she’s different
Man comes home, he’s tired and he doesn’t want to listen
And the things they need to talk about, they only talk around
Another restless ride on the road to common ground
Woman’s on the phone tonight, she needs a helping hand
Her girlfriends are the only ones who seem to understand
They talk about the ways that they’re more sensitive than men
And he stays out late, he’s got a date on the other side of town
Just a little break in the search for common ground
But on that freezing New Year’s when the power lines went down
They held each other close back then on common ground
The news is on, it’s nothing new — the usual despair
He watches from across the room, as if she isn’t there
And finally she can’t stand it, she screams, “Don’t you even care?”
Then it’s “Honey pie,” and “Please don’t cry,”
and “Baby, please calm down,”
And “Nothing matters more to me than finding common ground.”
Our souls search on forever
For heavenward they’re bound
Our bodies find their home at last
In common ground

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