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Day by Day the Manna Fell

Désirée Goyette  •  Song


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Day by Day the Manna Fell
Lyrics by Josiah Conder

Day by day the manna fell:
O, to learn this lesson well.
Still by constant mercy fed,
Give us, Lord, our daily bread.

Day by day, day by day the promise reads,
Daily strength for daily needs:
Cast foreboding fears away;
Take the manna, the manna for today.

Lord, our times are in Thy hand:
All my sanguine hopes have planned,
To Thy wisdom, wisdom we resign,
And would mold my will to Thine.

Thou our daily tasks shalt give;
Day by day to Thee we live;
So shall added years fulfill
Not our own, our Father’s will.

Day by day.

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