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Desert Woman in Paris

Serah  •  Song


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Desert Woman in Paris

Music by Serah & Patrice Tison
Lyrics by Serah

Across a weeping candle and my guitar, a breeze from
Paris blows,
Tonight I ride the music and see where it goes

A woman in the desert riding alone hard and fast,
The bandits keep closing in and she tells them when they ask,

“Take me to my innocence its where I’ve always been;
Before we were born the music was our only friend”

(she says) Sorrow rides a fast horse
It follows close behind
Better let me move along
I cannot ride too slow(she says)
And makes a little sign
They nod and let me move on

They understand her meaning, they’ve felt the stormy blast
Of sorrow when it finds them and they don’t even ask

They let me ride on like Jeanne D’Arc and St. Cecile
My soul will rise again above the sorrow that I feel

The candle weeps little tears ; my soul will rise again
My sadness rides the music , but I sleep in St. Germain

(she says)Sorrow rides a fast horse
It follows close behind-
Better let me move along;
I cannot ride too slow(she says)
and makes a little sign.
They nod and let her ride on….

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