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Don’t You Worry

Lisa Redfern  •  Song


My dear friend Mary wrote this many moons ago to help herself through a difficult time. I often end performances with this song, particularly evening shows.

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Don’t You Worry
Words and Music by Mary Kelly

Whose gonna sing your song
After the lights have gone down
And everybody’s gotta get on home

Whose gonna lay you down
After a night of plenty
To rest your weary feet

Don’t you worry,
The sun will rise, but first let’s sleep

Whose gonna light you up
When all you see are cinders
And you don’t feel any heat

Whose gonna free your ghosts,
Whose gonna break their silence
And bring you a little peace

Don’t you worry,
The sun will rise but first let’s sleep

Whose gonna write the songs,
When all the words are used up
And all the roads are traveled down

Don’t you worry,
You’ll find your own and
Maybe then you’ll get some sleep

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