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Five Miles From Hope

Mindy Jostyn  •  Song


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Five Miles From Hope

You picked me up in our hometown
Both knew we’d only stay there
Barely long enough to tear our innocence down
We had the same destination
Both knew a different way there
Flipped a coin, took a shortcut that you found
Then we drove as far as we could go
You were holding to the wheel, I was hanging by the end of a rope
Then we said goodbye about five miles from hope
Five miles from hope
Five miles from hope
Should’ve grown up slower
Shouldn’t have scorned our little home town
Could’ve found out so much more that way
I thought it over and over
Should’ve known there’d be a showdown
Should’ve known we’d never outlive that day
With all the windows rolled down in your dad’s new Cadillac
Your hair cut short for the summer
The best days we had crumpled in the back seat with the towels
and the sand and the heat of your skin
and it’s much too easy to feel it all again
Wouldn’t have written this story
Wouldn’t have written this ending
Couldn’t have guessed so wrong if I tried

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