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God Made It So

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God Made It So
A Boy

Lyrics by Dora Redman & Peter Link
Music by Peter Link

Well the news of the Prophet traveled fast
And a hope filled Mother’s heart.
When she heard of the miracles
She begged me to find him
Hoping she might be healed.

So I carried her with me to the market place
And as the crowd began to fill the streets
Calling his name
And following after him
With expectation in our hearts
Mother and I,
Hope and doubt,
Followed along as best we could

Each step was a struggle but we finally arrived
Then Mother began to cry
There were so many people on that mountainside
And much to my dismay
The Sun had set, his sermon done
Her chance was slipping away
So I left her behind, took the basket of food
And crawled through the legs of the multitude
Upon reaching the front
There he was
Jesus and the twelve gathered ‘round

Then I heard them tell Jesus, “Send the people away.”
In despair, I began to pray
(One said)
“If we don’t feed the people they will leave, I fear”
And my chance would disappear
So I gave that one my basket of food
“Take mine. It’s all that I have.”
He scoffed as he said “That’s not nearly enough”
And brushed me aside with a gentle rebuff
Ah but Jesus said
“Bring the boy here
He brings to us all that we need”

Then Jesus turned away from the crowd
And began giving thanks out loud
And I heard the words as I stood at his sandaled feet
Then he took from my basket for all to eat
My two small fishes and my five loaves of bread

But he didn’t stop there.
He reached down again
And brought forth from my basket
Out of thin air
Until more than five thousand were fed

And what I’ll always remember
And always will know
Is how Jesus believed in his heart
And how God made it so

As the multitude was being fed
I tugged on Jesus’ sleeve
“If you can do all of this and more
Then you can heal my Mother”
Jesus tossed my hair and said
As he sat me on his knee
“From the moment that you left her
The healing was received
The very moment your tenacity began
You see you can do whatever you believe
If you just believe you can

I too then turned away from the crowd
And began giving thanks out loud
I had believed and the truth was revealed to me
Then I went to my Mother and knew she was free
For she was laughing
As she wept and danced with me

But it didn’t stop there
For our basket was full
With great measure to spare
From out of thin air
And the Master was smiling at me

And what I’ll always remember
And always will know
Is how I simply believed in my heart
And how God made it so

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