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He’s One Of Mine

Peter Link  •  Song


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He’s One Of Mine

Music And Lyrics
Peter Link

He Walked Up On The Rolling Sea
He Turned Water To Wine
He Sits Here To The Right Of Me
He’s Family
He’s One Of Mine
He And His Brother Named Buddha
Moses Too
And Oh Yes You
And You And You

He Loved One Of My Wayward Girls
She Stuck With Him Right Through
I Watched As She Took Care Of Him
Miss Magdalene
She’s One Of Mine
She And Her Brother Confucius
He’s Mine Too
And Oh Yes You


He Died How Could That Come To Him
I Tried Three Days To Get By
I Just Came To My Senses Then
It Was Not The End
And He Would Not Die
He Was My Son My Reflection
And After All
Who Am I To Just Stand By
And Let Him Die
He’s One Of Mine
And I Will Not Forsake My Family
He’s One Of Mine
I Will Stay With You All Forever More
Time After Time
That Old Devil Will Come In Sympathy
But You’re One Of Mine
And You Do Not Belong To Him

So Anyway…
He Kept Workin’ The Streets For Me
He Leapt Through Time And Through Space
He Swept On Down The Centuries
He Healed Your Disease
With His Infinite Grace
He And That Mother Theresa
She Healed Too
Maybe She Even Healed You


He’s Still Into His Savior Phase
But I’m Proud Any Father Would Be
Ah Yes I Could Go On For Days
Singing His Constant Praise
Down On My Knees
Sing With Me Sister Mahailia
Caruso Too
And I’d Be Proud To Sing With You

I’m Proud I Guess That’s The Bottom Line
They Were All Kids Of Mine
Arturo Rubenstein
That Smart Kid…
The One With The Funny Socks
Oh Yeah Einstein
Way To Go Calvin Kline

Even Old Frankenstein
He Was A Kid Of Mine
(Well, Ya’ Can’t Win ‘Em All)
But There Was This One Design
And Boy It Worked Out So Fine
He Was The Best Combined
Yes And He’s One Of Mine

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