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Hold Thou My Hand O Lord

Lorna Kelly  •  Song


A song of comfort and prayerful pleading to feel God’s Hand teaching and guiding us on our spiritual journey.

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Hold Thou My Hand O Lord
Music by C. S. Briggs
Words from Isaiah 41:13

When night comes on and weary eyelids close
We look to Thee for calm and sweet repose
I pray to Thee oh Father of us all
And ask that Thou wilt hear Thy children’s call

Hold Thou my hand dear Lord,
Hold Thou my hand,
Teach me Thy will to do and understand.
I know that Thou will be constantly near to me
Holding my hand dear Lord,
Holding my hand.

With Thee to guide I find all fears are still
O Father, let Thy loving presence fill both day and night
Oh hold me so I cannot fall
For Thou art life and strength and all in all.

Hold Thou my hand dear Lord,
Hold Thou my hand,
And when temptations come, help me to stand
Constantly near to Thee, all shall be well with me
Holding Thy hand dear Lord
Holding Thy hand

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